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EPISODE 20 — Batman: Under the Red Hood by Judd Winick, Doug Mahnke, Shane Davis, Eric Battle, and Paul Lee



Dec 14, 2020

In this special episode of Gotham Outsiders: A Batman Bookclub, we discuss Harley Quinn: Seasons 1 & 2 with bestselling author of Dread Nation, Star Wars The High Republic: A Test of Courage, and more, JUSTINA IRELAND! We reveal how much we ship Harlivy, adore King Shark, and just how cute Damian is in this amazing show.

Justina: @JustinaIreland on Twitter

Chris: @themythofpsyche on Twitter

TJ: @troyfin2 on Twitter

Gotham Outsiders: @GothamOutsiders on Twitter and Instagram

Music and edited by: Nick Oyler

Logo: Aliza Layne