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EPISODE 22 — Batman: The Imposter by Mattson Tomlin, Andrea Sorrentino, and Jordie Bellaire

SPECIAL GUEST — Host of Talking Comics podcast and Assistant managing editor at, Steve Seigh!

Jul 21, 2021

In this special episode of Gotham Outsiders: A Batman Bookclub, we interview illustrator and co-creator of Gotham Academy, KARL KERSCHL! Just how intentional were the queer themes? Did Killer Croc do the dirty with Olive's mom?! We're asking the hard-hitting questions!

Karl: @karlkerschl

Chris: @themythofpsyche

TJ: @troyfin2

Gotham Outsiders: @GothamOutsiders

Music and edited by: Nick Oyler

Logo: Aliza Layne