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EPISODE 22 — Batman: The Imposter by Mattson Tomlin, Andrea Sorrentino, and Jordie Bellaire

SPECIAL GUEST — Host of Talking Comics podcast and Assistant managing editor at, Steve Seigh!

Nov 26, 2021

In this special episode of Gotham Outsiders, we interview two of the creative team members behind WEBTOON's Batman: Wayne Family Adventures, MARIA LI and SUSAN CHENG! We talk fan theories, batfamily favorites, and queer WEBTOONs. Stick around for a sneak preview of Chris' upcoming podcast, THIRSTY ON TOON... 

Maria: @rowannox

Susan: @scheng_

Chris: @themythofpsyche; @thirstyontoon

TJ: @troyfin2

Gotham Outsiders: @GothamOutsiders

Music and edited by: Nick Oyler

Logo: Aliza Layne